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Urban Freight transport and market power

Authors: Guri Natalie Jordbakke, Knut Johannes Liland Hartveit, Askill Harkjerr Halse
Report nr: 1836/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2369-2
Language: Norwegian
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We use data on businesses that operate in the freight transport, forwarding, and national postal services industry to examine whether or not – or to what degree – there is market power in urban transport markets. Marked power, i.e., represented as other marked forms than perfect competition, enables an adaptation with less efficiency where one produces at a lower output level. The marked form will also determine how the market reacts to any measures and regulations that are implemented. We establish a set of criteria based on marked theory, where four product segments, or submarkets, are assessed based on these marked criteria. We find that there exists some form of marked power in urban logistics, and the degree of marked power varies over different segments.


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