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Universal design of the transport sector in Norway

Authors: Anja Fleten Nielsen, Ross Owen Phillips, Jan Vidar Haukeland, Iratxe Landa-Mata
Report nr: 1896/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1947-3
Language: Norwegian
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In this study we have identified what needs to be done in the field of universal design in Norway in relation to (1) research, (2) laws and other guiding documents and (3) practice. We found that there is a skewed focus on specific groups and physical design – and there is a need to broaden the inclusion of user groups in both research, laws and guiding documents and practice. For laws and guiding documents there is a need to standardize between moods of transport and have a more cohesive use of definitions. Reorganizations of the transport sector calls for increased collaboration between actors as its often in the intersections of responsibility where problems occur most frequently. Technological development can potentially solve issues, but also create new types of problems for some user groups. Lack of recourses in the organizations and updating old infrastructure is a bottle neck. Also lack of focus on maintenance and operation is problematic.


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