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Travel Behaviour in Oslo/Akershus 1998

Authors: Ingunn Stangeby
Report nr: 1129/1999
Language: Norwegian
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People in Oslo/Akershus undertake an average of 3.27 journeys per day. The majority of journeys are short both in distance and duration. 47 per cent of journeys are undertaken as car driver, 9 per cent as car passenger. On more than half of the journeys car is the main mode of transport. 22 per cent of the journeys are made by pedestrians and 6 per cent by cyclists. 15 per cent of the journeys undertaken in Oslo/Akershus are made by public transport. Use of public transport is much more common in Oslo/Akershus than in the rest of Norway. The purpose of the journeys is threefold: journeys in connection with work or education; journeys associated with unpaid work for the household; leisure-time journeys. On most journeys there is a high proportion of car use. Car use is most often used on journeys related to care for others, on business journeys and journeys to work. Walking is the most frequent mode for leisure journeys.


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