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Transport Telematics and the Protection of Privacy

Authors: Inger-Anne Ravlum
Report nr: 703/2004
ISBN: 82-480-0409-0
Language: Norwegian
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Transport telematics is assumed to contribute to goal achievement in the transport sector in Norway. The actual implementation depends on acceptance in the general public and the legal framework, notably the Personal Data Act of 2000. This report concludes that the public is not very concerned with the protection of privacy in general. Increased efficiency in the transport sector is highly valued. Telematics that might curb the freedom to act - like speed cameras - have minimal acceptance and arguments like "the surveillance society" are put forward. Commercial use of telematics is often regulated by contracts between the parties. The condition for processing information in accordance with the Personal Data Act is hereby fulfilled. The result might be extensive processing of information. It is the responsibility of government to evaluate the total amount and its effects. The transport authorities should therefore develop codes of conduct for implementing transport telematics and informatics taking the protection of privacy into account.


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