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Transport in the course of work

Authors: Ingunn Stangeby
Report nr: 375/1997
ISBN: 82-480-0030-3
Language: Norwegian

The extent of journeys in the course of work was revealed to be much greater than considerably believed. This applied both to the proportion of journeys undertaken in connection with work and the number of journeys made. As much as 24 percent of working persons in the Oslo region reported they had undertaken one or more work journeys the previous day. Those who had travelled had undertaken an average of 2.5 journeys per day. Skilled staff and persons employed within the building and construction industry undertake the highest number of daily journeys. About three of every four work journeys are undertaken as car-driver. Parking facilities at the workplace are of considerable significance for the use of car on work journeys and on journeys to work. The majority of work journeys are associated with purchase and sales, courses and conferences and service, installation and repairs.


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