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Transport Analysis of FivePorts in the County of Vestfold

Authors: Øystein Hop, Torhild L. Barlaup
Report nr: 1004/1995
Language: Norwegian

Our analyses show that the flow of goods through the five ports of Vestfold, Holmestrand, Horten, Tønsberg, Sandefjord and Larvik are closely related to the local industry. The regional part of the flows varies from 2% to 35% of the total flows of goods through the ports. Approximately 75% of the goods is transported by tramp vessels. The industry is mostly satisfied with today’s port services, but they do point out a need for industrial interests to be given priority. Four measures are recommended: - Today’s structure with five ports is to be maintained. - The division of tasks between the ports are developed further. - New services or investments are to be located to the port of Larvik. - An interport co-operation in the field of marketing and port-administration is recommended.


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