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Tracking mobility using mobile phones. What do the citizens think?

Authors: Tom Erik Julsrud, Julie Runde Krogstad
Report nr: 1658/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2176-6
Language: Norwegian
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The rapid adoption of mobile technology in the population makes it increasingly possible to track individuals' patterns of movement. Such data are expected to be important in development of “smart cities”. Still, there are major privacy challenges when using this type of data. This report examines these issues through a literature review, and a panel survey of attitudes among the residents of Oslo and Tallinn. In both cities, the concern for abuse of these data is significant and in some area outweigh the positive expectations and possibilities. The confidence that public and private businesses can handle privacy concerns is stronger in Tallinn than in Oslo. The widespread skepticism of using this kind of data explains why it is high acceptance for measures that can regulate this use. The use of mobile data to record mobility depends on the confidence of those who retrieve these data and there is a strong link between trust in social institutions and the attitudes of using such data for public purposes.


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