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Tourism in Oslo - organisational structures, volumes and impacts

Authors: Petter Dybedal, TØI, Per-Erik Winther, Horwath Consulting
Report nr: 1182/2001
Language: Norwegian
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This report comprehensively describes the tourism industries of Oslo; industries, capacities, companies, organisations, markets, etc. Main results of impact studies are that total traffic volumes 1999 are estimated to 7,7 million guest-nights and 500 000 day visitors (apart from regional visitors). Economic impacts of tourists' expenditures are estimated to 6,2 billion NOK of expenditures and 3,6 billion NOK of indirect impacts, generating a total of 12200 jobs. A comparative analysis shows that the tourism organisations of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen have considerably larger marketing budgets than Oslo. The report presents a SWOT analysis of tourism in Oslo, concluding that larger public involvement in marketing is a key factor.


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