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Timebussen - A Good Bus Service at Notodden?

Authors: Heidi Renolen, Katrine Næss Kjørstad
Report nr: 1010/1995
Language: Norwegian

The report presents the results from a passenger survey on a new city bus service, «Timebussen», at Notodden in May 1995 and an evaluation of the passenger growth based on ticket sales. The city bus was introduced in 1992 and has undoubtedly been a successful experiment. The service includes small buses starting from the city centre every hour. In total there are now six «circle lines» covering most of the city. The passengers value the service as very good (76 per cent) or good (23 per cent). They especially appreciate the bus drivers and the easy entrance on the buses. On the other hand, they are not so satisfied with the capacity of the buses and the lack of seats in peak hours. The majority of the passengers are travelling regularly. 83 per cent of the passengers take the city bus more than two days a week. The study also shows that the most frequent passengers and those who need to interchange have a relatively high monthly expenditure.


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