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The transport effects of mining in Naustad in Norway

Authors: Jan U Hanssen, Michael Wøhlk Jæger Sørensen
Report nr: 993/2008
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0935-1
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Hele rapporten

Plans for mining activity at Engebø near Førde on the west coast of Norway require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The plant is located about 20 kilometres from a main road and is served by a narrow, curved road serving local residents. The AADT is between 400 and 900. Transport of employees and of necessary service and supplies is estimated to double the traffic, and there will be more heavy vehicles. This report describes the consequences for the road traffic and residents along the road. On many parts of the road, vehicles will need widened sections (meeting places) in order to pass each other. Without a program for improvement and increasing the number of such places the speed will be lowered An alternative with transport of employees across the fiord by boat has been discussed. It was found to be expensive and will not ease the situation on the road. It is recommended that the company develop a travel plan for people and goods. This report is available only in electronic version.


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