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The Social Optimum Public TRAnsport Model (SOPTRAM)

Authors: Odd I Larsen
Report nr: 708/2004
ISBN: 82-480-0415-5
Language: English

SOPTRAM is a model that maximizes social surplus for a public transport system with respect to fares and the level of service. It can also be used for assessment of incentive schemes for operators. It is designed to capture some important aspects of public transport in urban areas. On the demand side it distinguishes between peak and off-peak. The supply of services is treated as consisting of an "all day" service and additional services operated only in peak periods. The model operates on an aggregate level and revenue kilometers operated per hour is taken as a measure of the level of service. In applications the user must calibrate a number of parameters in order to reproduce demand, fare revenue and costs for a benchmark situation. Formally SOPTRAM solves a problem of non-linear optimization with non-linear constraints.


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