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The potential of commercial use of cargo bikes

Authors: Tale Ørving, Howard Twaddell Weir IV
Report nr: 1883/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1928-2
Language: Norwegian
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Cargo bikes has the potential to be a suitable means of transport for commercial actors in cities. Increased accessibility and improved parking opportunities are often the main motivation. Cargo bikes will often have the greatest benefit in combination with other types of vehicles. Within goods delivery, the proportion of cargo bikes is low compared with other types of vehicles, but within craftsmen and service professions, there is potential for a larger fleet. The report reveals a knowledge need in the purchasing process and the integration of cargo bikes in existing operations. The cargo bike market is growing and becoming increasingly mature, but the players are still in a learning process testing cargo bikes and strategies. Increased knowledge makes manufacturers better able to produce bicycles suited for commercial purposes. The combination of more suitable bikes and increasing experience amongst commercial players offers great potential for efficient use of cargo bikes.


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