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The organisation of the Norwegian aviation sector in a European context

Authors: Inga Margrete Ydersbond
Report nr: 1869A/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1961-9
Language: English
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This report analyses how Norwegian aviation is organised today and discusses how the sector could be organised differently within the framework of EEA regulations. The report finds that atypical employment among pilots and cabin crew, enabled by the introduction of a common EEA aviation market, seems to be an increasing problem in Europe. This puts pressure on pay and working conditions within the industry and appears to affect safety. Thus, the industry needs better regulation and better control at the national, Nordic and EU-level. The report suggests several actions. a) changing requirements in public procurement, b) implementing a reference index or ensuring general application of collective wage agreements, c) collaborating with other Nordic countries to improve conditions for both employees and companies in the aviation sector, d) introducing stricter procurement criteria for suppliers of PSO-routes, e) strengthening the supervisory authority and expertise of the Civil Aviation Authority, f) improving Norwegian legislation for employees in aviation, and g) working towards the implementation of various measures at EU-level.


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