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The joy and trouble with e-scooters

Authors: Katrine Karlsen, Aslak Fyhri
Report nr: 1828/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2359-3
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Summary, rev. 1
Full report, rev. 1 - in Norwegian only
Sammendrag, rev. 1

Both private and shared e-scooters are increasing in popularity. In a survey among 374 users and 491 non-users, we find that e-scooters are mostly used for commutes and errands / leisure activities, and that they primarily replace trips on foot or by public transport. Trips with privately owned e-scooters replace more car journeys than trips with shared e-scooters. Non-users generally find the interaction with e-scooter riders annoying, and view someone using an e-scooter as unsafe for other road users. Many have experienced accidents or near misses and non-users point to the behaviour of the e-scooter rider as an important factor. Users have mostly experienced single accidents and they point to slippery and uneven surfaces as important risk factors. Both users and non-users see it as unlikely that e-scooter riders will be stopped in police controls, and non-users want more enforcement of regulations regarding e-scooters. Clear challenges remain related to both interaction and safety of e-scooters.


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