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The cost of free parking for electric vehicles

Authors: Knut Sandberg Eriksen, Jan Usterud Hanssen
Report nr: 1093/2010
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1135-4
Language: Norwegian
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In order to increase the number of vehicles driven by electricity or hydrogen the Norwegian government offers these vehicles certain advantages (the right to use bus lanes, toll free driving, free battery charging, free parking on publicly owned spaces). It is now proposed that they be exempt of paying even in private parking facilities. The central business districts (CBDs) of Oslo and Sarpsborg are used as examples for calculating of the cost in terms of “lost” parking charges. In Oslo cost to the city and to private parking operators will be significant. In the smaller town, Sarpsborg, parking facilities are plentiful, hence the effect may be insignificant. The basis for calculations is weak, as the forecast of ownership and use of these types of vehicles in the CBD is uncertain. The calculations should be interpreted as an indicator of possible effects.


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