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Taxi regulation. A literature survey for Norwegian conditions

Authors: Jon-Terje Bekken
Report nr: 646/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0344-2
Language: Norwegian
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In this report, a literature study of the regulation of the taxi industry has been carried out. The literature study deals with the more theoretical aspects of regulation and deregulation, as well as practical experiences of changes in regulatory regimes. In order to put the Norwegian taxi industry into a larger picture, we have also compared the Norwegian taxi industry with a number of other European cities and countries. This comparison show that the supply of taxis and the fares are in line with other countries. Based on the characteristics of the Norwegian industry, a comparison with other countries, and the literature survey, we have come up with four main challenges for the authorities and the industry with regard to good administration of the taxi industry. The challenges are to assure the recruitment of taxi drivers, to see the different forms of regulation in context, to assure the supply in rural areas and to assure a sound organisation of the industry.


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