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Targeted public transport. Sub-report 2: Passenger preferences

Authors: Ingunn Stangeby, Kjell Jansson
Report nr: 533/2001
ISBN: 82-480-0217-9
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Summary

Passengers' valuation of journey time using transport depends on whether they have a seat or not. Valuation of journey time increases with the length of the journey. Walking time to/from the bus stop is valued approximately twice as high as journeys with seating. Valuation of frequency decreases when the interval between departures increases. Passengers are willing to pay a lot to avoid delays. They experience having to change from one form of transport to another as a disadvantage. There is much to indicate that Passengers prefer track-based transport to using buses. They want comfort and convenience, both at the bus stop and during the journey and are willing to pay for bus shelters.More women than men feel usafe when using public transport. A good line network can be developed around a trunk network with high frequency, clear junctions and express buses between areas with heavy traffic.


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