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Strategy for Park and Ride in Buskerud

Authors: Jan U Hanssen, Petter Christiansen, Tanja Loftsgarden
Report nr: 1239/2012
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0985-6
Language: Norwegian
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Park and ride is seen as a measure which can reduce traffic on main roads leading to the central parts of an urban area. The parking facility is seen as part of the feeder system to trunk rail and bus services. However, it is not desirable that a P&R site is located in the most densely populated areas or in the core of smaller towns. The sites used for parking may have alternative and possibly better uses. The report describes the existing P&R sites in the Buskerud county of Norway and discusses where expanded or new parking should be offered if increased capacity is needed. In most places the use of the parking facility is free. It is suggested that a parking fee might deter local resident from using the parking and increase the capacity for those who live farther away. In such cases it will be necessary to study the effect on other P&R-sites along a major transport corridor. The report recommends more studies to be done on P&R users, so as to improve the basis for planning new or expanded parking facilities


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