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Social inequality in mobility among families with children?

Authors: Susanne Nordbakke
Report nr: 1587/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2081-3
Language: Norwegian
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The starting point for the project is a hypothesis that families with children have different transport opportunities (individual resources and environmental factors) and that they have different options for choosing their mobility (how they travel, which activities they participate in, how much time they spend on travelling). There are very few indications in our analyzes that there are strong relationships between parents' mobility patterns and the transport opportunities they have for mobility. Quality of public transport does not have an effect on how families are traveling. Living in Oslo, having higher education, poor access to a car (car / driver's license and the ability to use a car all day) and having poor access to parking at work increase the probability of using other means of transport than a car, having longer travel time during a day and making one or more leisure trips.


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