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Road Traffic Risk in Norway 1997/98

Authors: Torkel Bjørnskau
Report nr: 483/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0156-3
Language: Norwegian
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The report presents new estimates of road traffic risk of road user groups distributed by age and gender. Exposure data are collected from the National Norwegian Travel Study 1997/98 and annual reports of transport performance in Norway given by the Institute of Transport Economics. Accident data are collected from the Central Bureau of Statistics (SSB); from the National Insitute of Public Health (Folkehelsa) and from annual reports of road accidents collected by the major Norwegian insurance companies (TRAST). The results show that cyclists, motorcyclists and mopedists are most at risk, both for death and injury, according to estimates based on SSB-data. Calculations made by use of hospital data (Folkehelsa) estimate the injury risk of cyclists to be extremely much larger than that of other road user groups. The overall road traffic risk has been fairly stable during the nineties. The injury risk of motorcyclists, mopedists and to some extent pedestrians, has decreased. For car drivers, car passengers and cyclists, the risk of injury is unchanged. Injury risk of young car drivers has, however, increased during the nineties.


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