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Rematch for Driver’s Attention

Authors: Ole Aasvik, Marianne Stølan Rostoft
Report nr: 1891/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1937-4
Language: Norwegian
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The connection between driver inattention and traffic safety is well documented. Inattention is a contributing factor In about a third of fatal car accidents. Digitization and automation in the car industry means that more of the drivers’ tasks are being moved to digital surfaces and large screens. Little is known about the effect of this new technology on drivers' attention. This literature study examines research done on the effect of new information systems on drivers' attention, and thus on traffic safety. Special focus is placed on the effect of screens in cars, and related topics. The literature is still young, and the basis is too thin to conclude. It may seem that larger screens are better than small ones, but the most important thing is how the user interfaces are designed. Problems with uncontrolled systematic variation among the participants in such studies are discussed. More high-quality research on this topic is needed. Development paths and recommendations are discussed based on the findings.


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