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Regional impacts of improving national roads Rv9 and Rv13

Authors: Karl-Erik Hagen, Petter DybedalKarl-Erik Hagen
Report nr: 528/2001
ISBN: 82-480-0212-8
Language: Norwegian
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Except for tourist traffic during summer, there is little through traffic in the transport corridor connecting the inner parts of Hardanger and Kristiansand (along national roads Rv13/ E134/Rv9) in the western part of Norway. Analysis of expected volume of future traffic is based on transportation costs in this corridor compared with alternative routes to the eastern part of Norway and further on to the rest of Europe. Even if the roads are improved and bottlenecks removed, the corridor will not become the primary route choice for transport of goods. Cost related to the use of ferries is a significant factor. Better roads are important for turism, but this factor alone will not lead to increased traffic in the corridor. Attractions and experiences along the different tourist routes are important as well.


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