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Problems in Traffic Accident Reporting

Authors: Anne Borger, Stein Fosser, Siv Ingebrigtsen, Inger-Anne F Sætermo
Report nr: 318/1995
ISBN: 82-7133-962-1
Language: Norwegian

This report present a study of underreporting of road traffic accidents in Norway. It is concluded that only about 40 % of all reportable injury accidents are reported and included in official statistics. An accident is reportable when it causes an injury that is not regarded as inconsequential. Most of those who are involved in accidents are causing reportable injuries, are aware of the duty to report these accidents. Serious injuries, accidents where children are involved, accidents where only one person is injured, accidents during summer and accidents at provincial and municipal roads are less frequently reported than other accidents. Traffic accidents with bicycles involved have a very low rate.


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