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Park and ride at Ski railroad station

Authors: Jan U Hanssen
Report nr: 1409/2015
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1629-8
Language: Norwegian
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The municipality of Ski south of Oslo is working with a new plan for the central area. It is planned to establish 475 spaces for P&R at Ski railroad station. The provision of parking is an important part of the development plan. The need for P&R, which is considered as long-time parking, is not discussed. Investors face large investment requirements for parking structures in order to make the parking site available for development. We have studied who the users are, their alternatives for access to the station and estimated how a parking fee will influence the demand. A fee of 75 NOK per day might cover the full cost of providing a parking space. That may in a given situation reduce the demand by 40 %.


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