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Organisation of the Norwegian Rail Sector

Authors: Christin Krohn, Silvia Johanne Olsen
Report nr: 1893/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1944-2
Language: Norwegian
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In this report, the current organization of the railway in Norway is studied, with special focus on the balance between market organization and various forms of market failure. We also study at the organization of the railway sector in selected European countries, as well as other sectors facing similar challenges. The study indicates that the railway sector lacks aa actor taking care of the overall responsibility for the railway, and coordinat¬ing it with other modes of transport. With only 4.7% of total passenger journeys, the railway in Norway is a system that is first and foremost important in interaction with other modes of transport. Furthermore, it may seem that the opening up to competition has provided new ways of approaching growth in the number of passengers, but it is too early to say anything about this as the new operators have started up their routes during the pandemic. The employees have kept their jobs with the same salary and pension conditions as before the competitive tendering.


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