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NOx-emissions from road traffic - effects from various measures

Authors: Anne Borger Mysen, Rune Elvik, Trygve Solheim
Report nr: 1101/1998
Language: Norwegian

NOx from road traffic is supposed to decrease significantly over the next 15 years. This is especially relevant for car traffic, due to the increasing use of catalytic convertors. Still it is necessary to use other measures to reduce pollution, by reducing traffic, by rerouting traffic, by shielding and by reducing speed. In this report we show the effect of various measures and their cost both in direct terms and their social costs. The most efficient measures are denser land use, taxes on buying and using a car, and "miljøgater". Depending on the strength of each measure, the effect in trems of lower NOx-emission may be around 10 per cent. The cost of implementing such measures are relatively small, but the general cost is high because of the value of abandoned trips. These costs must be weighed against the positve effects of reduced health problems etc due to less emissions.


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