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National Transport Planning in Norway and Sweden - A Comparison

Authors: Inger-Anne Ravlum, Henning Lauridsen
Report nr: 536/2001
ISBN: 82-480-0220-9
Language: Norwegian
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This report compares transport planning systems in Norway and Sweden and discusses similarities and disparities in process organisation, planning objectives and planning methods. The report concludes that the Swedish goal hierarchy, in which socio-economic efficiency has key position, had a strong influence on planning process, methodology and outcome. It also contributed to that the two planning systems developed in quite different directions. Norwegian strategic transport planning has somehow drifted away from the initial ideals of management by objectives or rational planning and the planning process was carried out without the necessary guidance of a consistent and specific set of obejectives. The planning process was consensus oriented, but less transparent and with much less mutual scrutiny of measures than in Sweden.


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