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Model for transports in Norwegian foreign trade

Authors: Anne Madslien, Giske Charlotte Lillehammer, Tron Even Skyberg
Report nr: 480/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0153-9
Language: Norwegian
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In this project TOI has developed a network model for freight transport to and from Norway. This model has been used to study six scenarios, each of which illustrates trends or measures that have an impact on the use of intermodal freight supply solutions in Norwegian foreign trade. These have been compared to a basic scenario. We have among others calculated the changes in modal distribution and transport costs resulting from structural changes in ports and changes in the supply of sea transport, problems of capacity in overland transport, changes in the importance attached to the quality of transportation, and increased transport costs for road transports. In all these cases, both the amount of general cargo handled by Norwegian ports and the amount crossing the border at sea have increased. The effects on air pollution and global warming depend, however, on whether sea transport increases its market share at the expense of rail transport, for which the emissions are lower than for sea transport per unit transported, or road transport, for which the emissions are higher.


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