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Mobility measures and industry time delay cost

Authors: Elise Caspersen, Inger Beate Hovi
Report nr: 1469/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1694-6
Language: Norwegian
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This report contains a literature review of implemented measures to improve freight mobility. It also contains calculations of the industry’s social costs of time delay for two predetermined road sections in Norway. The road sections are E18 in Oslo and E39 in Stavanger. Based on traffic figures for 2014, we find that heavy vehicle’s queuing costs are approximately 167 000 NOK per vocational day on road E18 Asker-Skøyen (Oslo), and about 21 500 NOK on road E39 Auglendshøyden-Forus (Stavanger). For the road section E18 Asker-Skøyen we find that allowing large vehicles to drive in bus lanes outside of peak hours can reduce queuing costs with up to 59% compared to the estimated queuing costs in actual 2014-traffic.


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