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Mobility changes following new retail concepts

Authors: Vibeke Nenseth, Bjørn Klimek
Report nr: 1720/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2262-6
Language: Norsk bokmål
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New retail patterns provide mobility changes in an predictable and complicated interaction. It is no longer just a simple change from physical store to e-commerce or just a new modal split. The entire organisation and integration of transport services for persons and goods are in change. Traditional stores offer online-shopping and online stores often have a physical store as a micro warehouse, a distribution centre or a showroom. Thus, consumers now expect both physical and online stores. This paradigm shift with many alternative but contemporary channels for retail merchandising is what coined as omnichannel. To ensure that the link between new trade concepts and mobility becomes sustainable and acts as a social innovation, critical factors are delivery methods, digital competence and the differentiation across consumer groups, product types and geography.


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