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Indicators for urban logistics

Authors: Olav Eidhammer
Report nr: 1815/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2338-8
Language: Norwegian
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Today urban logistics face many challenges. There is a need for measures that free up land, reduce climate emissions, streamline logistics and improve the environment. In order to implement the best measures, one needs analyzes, calculations and indicators which show the effects of various solutions. For analyzes and calculations, indicators that make it possible to compare effects between places and over time are needed. This study shows that urban planners see the greatest need for indicators that describe the area to be analyzed. The most important indicators are related to which industries are in the area, the degree of cooperation between different actors, the organization of logistics and transport activities, and which additional services are performed. Indicators that describe activities for logistics service providers and transporters, consignee/customer, service and craft services are less important.


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