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Incoming tourism to Norway: Knowledge on volumes and structures

Authors: Petter Dybedal, Iratxe Landa-Mata
Report nr: 1873/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1918-3
Language: Norwegian
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The report discusses how and under what conditions the scope and structures of today's foreign tourist traffic can be calculated by combining different types of available data. Figures and tables for key variables up to and including 2019 are presented, based on current traffic data and key figures from the Foreign Tourist Survey 2011. Also other main types of data sources on foreign tourism is discussed, especially Innovation Norway's Tourism Survey and Statistics Norway's accommodation statistics. A main conclusion is that it is a significant lack of updated figures for the number of foreign tourists who visit Norway. There are relatively good figures for aircraft and ferry traffic, but not for border crossings on roads. The report also points out uncertainties in national accommodation statistics and that the Tourist Survey has some problems related to representativeness. The report briefly discusses what measures may be relevant to improve the knowledge base.


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