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Improving road safety in Norway

Authors: Rune Elvik
Report nr: 446/1999
ISBN: 82-480-0109-1
Language: Norwegian
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The report contains an analysis of the consequences of five alternative strategies for the use of road safety measures in Norway. It is possible to drastically reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in road accidents. A continuation of the current use of road safety measures will, however, not lead to an improvement in road safety in Norway. The analyses show that it is possible to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries without spending more on road safety than currently. By implementing measures for which benefiits are greater than costs, the number of fatalities can be reduced by about 180 per year, and the number of injured road users by about 4,300 per year. The current numbers are about 310 fatalities and 12,000 injured road users per year.


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