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Impaired driving and road safety

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye
Report nr: 1925/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1981-7
Language: English
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Impaired driving is related to considerable increases in crash risk. This report describes measures against impaired driving, based on literature reviews. Measures that were found to be potentially effective in empirical studies are DUI-enforcement (checkpoints), vehicle impoundment and alcolock. However, the effects depend on the design and implementation of the measures. For example, alcolock and vehicle suspension may be effective for some drivers, but the effects depend on the specific implementation and tend not to last beyond the period during which the vehicle is impounded or alcolock installed. For other measures, there is no evidence of any direct effects on DUI, DUI-involved crashes or future DUI-offences among convicted drivers. However, BAC-limits, random breath testing laws and sanctions are essential requirements for effective police enforcement.


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