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Foreign ski tourists in Norway 2007

Authors: Jan Vidar Haukeland, Arne Rideng
Report nr: 918/2007
ISBN: 978-82-480-0807-1
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0808-8
Language: Norwegian
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Nearly half of the foreign tourists visiting Norway during the winter season (January – April) 2007 were on skiing holiday. This corresponds to approximately 330 000 skiing tourists who spent about 2.16 million guest nights in the country. More than half of the skiing tourists are from Denmark, one in four lives in Sweden and the remaining quarter come mainly from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Rented cabin is the most frequently used type of accommodation. The expenditure amounts to NOK 750 per guest night which corresponds to more than NOK 4500 per trip (NOK 8 = € 1). Only 15 per cent are first time skiing visitors in Norway. The interest in alpine skiing is clearly expressed, especially among visitors from Denmark and Sweden, whereas the orientation towards cross-country skiing is more directly pronounced among the British, Dutch and German holiday makers.


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