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Evaluation of the public transport algorithms in VIPS

Authors: Frode Voldmo
Report nr: 1168/2000
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Sammendrag

Emme/2 is an application with tools that are necessary for implementing network models for both individual and public transport. VIPS covers the same needs as Emme/2, and can also take into account that passengers know the riding times, the headways and departure times associated with all routes. Departures on different routes can also be assumed to be independent and thus a departure time with any given route is uniformly distributed within the interval between successive departure on any other route. The route choice algorithm in VIPS uses the total generalized travel time (including taxes). This is a more realistic assumption compared to the route choice in Emme/2, where passengers are distributed proportional to frequency of the routes. VIPS is quite user friendly, but the user manual is a drawback.


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