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Evaluation of Strategic Transport Planning in Sweden

Authors: Henning Lauridsen, Inger-Anne Ravlum
Report nr: 469/2000
ISBN: 82-480-0136-9
Language: Norwegian
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The national strategic transport planning system in Sweden is based on analytical concept where alternative strategies are designed and their effects established to demonstrate the consequences of optional strategic choices. The alternatives shall reflect the transport goals and objectives defined by Parliament and the design shall be based on socio-economic analyses of the various measures. This report, which is based on interviews with participants at the national and regional levels, reveals a number of shortcomings in the process as completed late 1999. The knowledge base was not sufficient and its quality highly disputed. The process did not promote co-operation between the parties involved and the contents of the planning carried out has to a very limited extent been comprehensive. There is hardly any prioritising across the transport modes and socio-economic evaluations have scarcely been used.


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