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Evaluation of Short Sea Promotion Centre Norway

Authors: Thorkel Christie Askildsen
Report nr: 773/2005
ISBN: 82-480-0506-2
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0507-0
Language: Norwegian
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The project Short Sea Promotion Centre Norway responds to an EU initiative for the promotion of short sea shipping. Its overriding goal is to contribute to the transfer of transport voumes from land to sea within a 3-year time horizon. The current evaluation covers the first two years of the project’s operations (2003-2004). The evaluation has been undertaken according to whether achievements can be documented at the aggregate level (transport statistics), at the firm level ("success stories"), or according to a qualitative analysis. As assessed by any of these criteria the project has not yet achieved its objectives. The evaluation recommends that if the initiative is to be pursued further, the project’s target groups, funding sources, work form, organisational model, and competence should be reconsidered.


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