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Evaluation and verification of NEMO

Authors: Jardar Andersen, Inger Beate Hovi
Report nr: 625/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0319-1
Language: Norwegian
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On behalf of the Joint workgroup for transport analyses, TØI and SINTEF have updated the national freight transport model NEMO in 2001-2002. In order to decide further use and develompent of the model, TØI has been asked to evaluate and verify the model system. We have compared modelling results with statistics, computed elasticities for cost changes in the model and evaluated results from projects where the model already has been used. The purpose of these analyses has been to give recommandations on which level of detail the model can be used. Our analyses indicate that the model is well suited for national analyses, and it gives quite certain results for regional analyses as well. Analyses at the level of municipalities are, however, not recommended with the existing model version.


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