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Consumer willingness to pay for environmentally friendly distribution

Authors: Elise Caspersen
Report nr: 1919/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1975-6
Language: Norwegian
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Many associate climate and environmental measures with large investments and high costs, but sustainable distribution does not necessarily have to be expensive solutions with low utility for the consumer. The analyses documented in this report show that many consumers want environmentally friendly distribution and their willingness to pay for such services is at the level of or higher than other shipping services such as delivery time slot and delivery location choice, but usually lower than the willingness to pay for fast delivery (same day or within a few hours of ordering). If willingness to pay is interpreted as utility, this may mean that many consumers will choose environmentally friendly deliveries if it is not urgent to receive the goods and does not come at the cost of an acceptable delivery time and price. This report contributes knowledge and advice for the development of environmentally friendly distribution solutions for the last mile.


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