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Charging into the future – Analysis of fast charger usage

Authors: Erik Figenbaum
Report nr: 1682/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2214-5
Language: English
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Fast charging enables Battery electric vehicles (BEVS) to travel more km. BEVs get about 4-6 percent of their energy from fast chargers, which thus extend km travelled equally much. The average fast charge power was 30.5 kW in 2017, although chargers can deliver 50 kW. The average time was 20.3 minutes. The average energy was 9.6 kWh. Time spent charging and charged energy follows a normal distribution around these values. The charge power deviates. A large share of users achieve low charge power during the winter because cold batteries are less capable of being charged fast. The variation is mainly due to climatic and vehicle technology issues. Most BEV users only fast charge once per day, about 2% on any given day charge more than once. The latter are likely users on long distance trips. The low charge power can lead to charge queues and a need for more chargers.


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