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Bus Connectivity Kongsvinger - Øvre Romerike

Authors: Knut Johannes Liland Hartveit, Jørgen Aarhaug
Report nr: 1770/2020
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1755-4
Language: Norwegian
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A new coach link between the Kongsvinger region and the Øvre Romerike region, in south eastern Norway, will create a link between two adjacent regions, that today are poorly connected by public transport. Our analyses show that such a link will be an attractive travel option for three groups. 1) persons without access to private car. 2) persons who commute to the Oslo airport area, from the Kongsvinger region, and persons who commute from Jessheim to Kongsvinger. 3) as a feeder to air-travel from residents of the Kongsvinger region.


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