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Bicycle conspicuity – Use and effects of bicycle lights in Norway

Authors: Alena Katharina Høye, Ingeborg Storesund Hesjevoll
Report nr: 1478/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1704-2
Language: Norwegian
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About two third of cyclists in Norway are riding with legal bicycle lights in the dark, with large local variations. The proportion is highest among cyclists who also use other safety equipment, who cycle in winter, and among men who are cycling a lot. Almost 10% have lights that do not comply with the law (not mounted on the bicycle or too dark). There is generally little knowledge about legal requirements for bicycle lights, both among cyclists and among salesmen. Theft of bicycle lights is quite common, 18% of cyclists (who have bicycle lights) report that lights have been stolen during the past year. Most new bicycles in Norway are sold without lights. A law requiring all new bicycles to be equipped with lights might increase the use of bicycle lights, but there are other and probably more important factors that affect the use of bicycle lights, such as attitudes and habits. Bicycle lights reduce involvement in collisions. It is however difficult to quantify the effect. It is estimated that the total number of killed or injured cyclists in Norway could be reduced by 3% if all new bicycles were sold with lighting equipment, and by 10% if all cyclists were using bicycle lights in the dark.


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