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Better statistics for public transport

Authors: Jørgen Aarhaug, Julie Runde Krogstad, Liva Vågane
Report nr: 1305/2014
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1505-5
Language: Norwegian
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Statistics describing public transport in Norway has several challenges. The challenges are primarily related to definitions, geographical levels, reporting and missing variables. In this report, we suggest several improvements. In particular the improvements are related to cities, railways, passenger kilometers, express coaches, boat traffic, school transport and ticketing. These improvements is grouped into different categories according to how difficult it is to mend and how important it is to have the challenge mended. The report also suggest to include statistics on demand responsive transport, park and ride facilities, quality of service, and punctuality in the statistics published by Statistics Norway. Finally, the report suggest that more information should be made available at county level, as public transport in Norway is a county responsibility.


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