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Basis for parking policy in Akershus

Authors: Jan U Hanssen, Petter Christiansen
Report nr: 1489/2016
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1714-1
Language: Norwegian
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Full report in Norwegian only

The report describes parking measures that local authorities can use in order to achieve better control over land use and mode choice – i.e. reduced car use. Local communities will have to coordinate their parking requirements and set a maximum for the number of new parking spaces. A reduced number of parking spaces will lead to less car use for the journey to work and entice businesses to locate in central areas well served by public transport. Local authorities should introduce a parking fee for the spaces they offer to their employees. Parking and housing can be separated in order to separate the cost parking from the cost of housing. Spaces in larger, separate parking structures can have alternative users and therefore a reduced total number of parking spaces in central areas.


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