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Amount of driver training with a lay instructor among adolescents aged 16 and 17

Authors: Pål Ulleberg
Report nr: 675/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0376-0
Language: Norwegian
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The report is based upon a national survey among 16- and 17 years old adolescents. The majority had started driver training with a lay instructor. Most started training shortly after they were 16 years old. There are small gender differences in both the starting age and the proportion of the adolescents who have started driver training. However, there are large differences in the amount of training; men are found to drive twice the amount of women. A future need for a car, reducing the expenses related to training at driving schools, and an intention to be a safe driver are the most important motives for driver training. Having little spare time, reduced surplus of energy, and the expectation of not being able to afford a driver licence reduce the amount of driving. Lack of knowledge of what is permitted during private driver training also reduces the amount of training. Both the lay instructors and the adolescents emphasise safety as one of the main motives for driver training. However, several are not aware of the favourable effect a large amount of driver training has on post-licensing crash risk. Thus, information about the optimal level of driver training can be expected to increase the amount of driver training.


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