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Alternative port structure for containers in the Oslofjord area

Authors: Inger Beate Hovi, Knut Bøe, Anne Madslien
Report nr: 1132/1999
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Sammendrag

First part of this report summarises the results of a study among port users in the Oslofjord-region. The results show that port users mainly used more than one port and not necessary their local port. About half of the enterprises use an external terminal between the port and the warehouse. The main factors in the decision of which port to be used is the frequencies of actually ships in the port, distance and transport costs between warehouse and port. The second part of this report presents calculations of the consequences of different capacities of containers in Oslo Port. The consequences has been calculated by using an network model. Only traffic expected to use Oslo Port in the year 2020 is included in the analysis. Our calculations indicated that both transport costs and external costs during to transportation work, rise by descending capacity in Oslo port, but it’s possible to reduce socially costs if goods from the counties south and south-west of Oslo is transferred from Oslo port to other ports in the Oslofjord area.


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