Welcome to the Public Transport Forum

Do you want to share knowledge and lessons to develop future public transport?

The Public Transport Forum is organized by Institute of Transport Economics (TOI) in Oslo. It is a meeting place for companies and organizations who are engaged in public transport. The Forum gives access to updated information on Norwegian and European public transport, and the possibility to participate in events of high academic quality.

Through the Forum, you will get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with researchers, authorities and businesses to build a professional network.

Why a membership?

The Forum gives the members an understanding of what challenges the sector is facing, and how they can be solved. Every year, we arrange workshops, a conference and a study trip:

The workshops are arranged twice a year. Here, current research results, experiences and projects in public transport are presented and discussed.

The yearly conference lasts for two days. It is diverse and includes presentations of research and practical challenges in different parts of the sector.

The study trip is arranged for 3-4 days during the fall. The goal is to get new perspectives and ideas, and to study solutions we can learn from.

The web page for Forum members is to be found at TOIs homepage. Here, information about the Forum activities, abstracts, presentations and pictures from the activities can be found.

Want to join?

The Public Transport Forum is organized through cost-sharing. The participants pay a yearly fee to join as members. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and membership.

Contact person

Maja Karoline Rynning


Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00
E-mail: toi@toi.no