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Scientific partners and organization

Research team

The project team consists of sociologists Vibeke Nenseth, TØI (project leader) and Ragnhild Skogheim, NIBR;  political economist Desmond McNeill, SUM; and philosopher Beate Elvebakk, TØI. An expert group is connected to the project: professors Adriana Allen and Adrian Atkinson (emeritus) at Development Planning Unit, University College London and Göran Sundquist, the TIK-centre, UiO .


The project is financed by the Miljø 2015-programme over three years (2014-2016). It is a CIENS-project where the CIENS-partners NIBR, UiO/SUM and TØI cooperate.

A project paper (Vibeke Nenseth: «The Knowledge-Policy Interaction for Sustainable Urbanisation - Eased by Interdisciplinarity?») was presented at the 3rd European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum, on 'Linking evaluation findings to enhancing sustainability', Helsinki, April 28-29 2014.

Ragnhild Skogheim participated at the 18th Sociological World Congress, in Yokokohama, July 12-19 2014 with a paper on «Knowledge Traditions in Urban Planning». 

The project arranged a first workshop with international experts September 15 – 16, 2014. On this occasion professor Adriana Allen from University College London had the introductory talk on Sustainable Cities across the South and the North at a CIENS Breakfast Seminar. The project was also presented at the Miljø2015-programme’s research conference in Trondheim November 6 – 7 2014.


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