11 January 2014

    A paper "What is Fatigue? A Call for Consensus based on Learning from Past Definitions" is accepted for presentation at the 11th conference of European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, to be held in London, 14-16th April, 2014.


    10 January 2014

    Maritime Policy and Management have accepted Juned Akhtars article, "Common patterns in aggregated accident analysis charts from human fatigue-related groundings and collisions at sea." This work was carried out as part of FiT WP2.


    November 2013

    Work begins on a position report on fatigue definitions, models and tools for measurement. This will be an important basis for surveys to be conducted on human transport operators in Norway in 2014.


    22 October 2013

    Article published on doctoral part of the FiT study, in the journal of the Norweian Maritime Directoratet, Navigare, (pages 46-47).



    3 October 2013

    Safety Science accept for publication an article by Juned Akhtar and Inger Bouwer Ute: "Human fatigue`s effect on the risk of maritime groundings - A Bayesian Network modelling approach."


    October 2013

    Baseline survey conducted as part of evaluation of a Fatigue Management Program for driver-salesman employed by a Norwegian company with a large vehicle fleet.


    December 2012

    Interviews with experts in sea, rail and road sectors in Norway completed.

    01 October 2012: 
    This month we begin interviews with key resources as part of our consultation with the sea, rail and road sectors in Norway (part of WP1). Pilot interviews will take part in the week commencing 1st October, with further interviews throughout the month.

  • Fatigue in the News

    30 January 2014

    New research shows people who are told they have slept better than they actually have, go onto to perform better in tests of mental cognition.

    The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has amended the "fitness for duty - hours of rest" requirements, in order to provide watch keepers on-board ships with increased rest periods on the latest STCW Amendments in line with the Marine Labour Convention. In October 2013, Apostolos Belokas at Safety4Sea reviewed some problems with this.


    28 January 2014

    AAA guidelines on preventing drowsy driving.

    RoadSafety BG North East have campaign on work-related driving. There seems to be increasing activity in this area, e.g. upcoming national conference on this theme in Norway, ongoing EU project ("VeSafe") aimed at pulling together knowledge on work-related road safety. Fatigue is a big part of work-related road safety.


    24 January 2014:

    Court case where driver time records falsified in US

    Danish/Swedish survey shows risk of accident at two chemical plants was higher at night, possibly due to lack of visible leadership and hence lower safety priority. Report In Danish:


    23 January 2014:

    Fatigue clear factor in 2012 fishing boat collision in Canada. See also Canda's TSB video on problems of fishing industry.


    23 January 2014:

    Poor health outcomes again found in US truckers, in this CDC report. Poor health can be seen as a cause and result of fatigue, but in any case is often associated with it.

    Researchers are also starting to grapple with the genetic basis for these problems. A small study of 22 night workers shows that there is loss of that coordinated gene expression as a result of night work. See this BBC report.


    28 September 2012:

    Fatigue key reason why transport sector contains two of the USA’s ten most dangerous occupations in 2011. The most occupational fatalities last year were among fishermen, with 200 deaths per 100,000 workers. Truck drivers were ranked as the 10th most dangerous occupation, with 18 deaths per 100,000 workers.


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